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Current Relevant Cinema

The Ballad of Piargy (2021)

The Current Relevant Cinema program curates a diverse selection of films that explore multifaceted human experiences across different cultures and societal landscapes. Each movie in this lineup navigates intricate themes of personal growth, societal challenges, and the complexities of relationships.

The Ballad of Piargy (Ivo Trajkov, 2021), a compelling love story about guilt, love, and cruel punishment, which has won over 40 awards worldwide, delves into a raw love triangle where a young woman struggles to survive within a highly patriarchal family.

In In A Room of My Own (Ioseb ‘Soso’ Bliadze, 2022) from Georgia, young Tina discovers what it’s like to be free and make her own decisions without depending on men. This film portrays the quest for independence and autonomy that many young people go through.

Summer to Come (György Mór Kárpáti, 2022) from Hungary follows the fates of two boys and a girl in a high school summer camp, where romantic entanglements and the outcome of one of them form the core of the story.

While bread and salt symbolize hospitality in his culture, Damian Kocur directs his lens towards the less hospitable aspects of Poland in the film Bread and Salt (2022). Awarded the Special Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival, the film reveals the tension simmering just beneath the surface of xenophobic provincial city life.

Kaymak (Milcho Manchevski, 2022) offers a humorous and ironic view of contemporary relationships. With bravery and a touch of erotic tension, the film highlights the deep-rooted corruption in North Macedonia that has permeated every social layer. 

And don’t miss By a Sharp Knife (Teodor Kuhn, 2019), a film that raises the question of how far a father is willing to go for his child and for justice. This story is based on a true crime that shocked an entire generation.