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documentaries that open debates

Whether they talk about moral dilemmas, reveal how intimate family ties affect the success and well-being of children, give us an insight into crucial political events from a new angle or present the worlds of some closed communities, the documentaries in this section encourage thinking and change the consciousness of the viewer.

We present to you eleven documentaries worthy of everyone’s attention.

Romanian The Chalice. Of Sons and Daughters by Catalina Tesar and Dana Bunescu digs with an almost never seen insider’s view into the complex rules of the Transylvanian Roma community.  Tomasz Wolski’s 1970 is a remarkable Polish animated documentary with actual tapes of phone conversations and stop-motion animation about historical events during the 70s in communist Poland. Alexander Koridze from Georgia brings Atonal Glow, a deeply touching documentary about a 10-year-old music prodigy who does something unimaginable – impresses the director of the Berlin State Opera and becomes his protégé on his way to making history. The Hungarian documentary Paying A Visit To Fortuna by Matyas Kalman depicts an elderly couple who faces the biggest problems in their life after winning 2,5 million euros. Peculiarity of Fisherman’s Soul by Ivana Pauerova Milosevicova depicts the adventure of six good-natured Czechs on a fishing trip to the Norwegian wilderness. Brotherhood is an intimate documentary by Francesco Montagner about young Bosnian shepherd brothers whose father was convicted as an Islamic radical. Bigger Than Trauma by Vedrana Pribacic and Mirta Puhlovski brings a triumphant story about brave women who, after 25 years of silence, face the traumas of being victims of war crimes. Indexi by Zoran Kubura and Bojan Hadziabdic and Lights of Sarajevo by Srdjan Perkic are movies about two different cult rock bands from Ex – YU. Diary of a Bride of Christ by Marta Smerechynska is an intimate journey looking at the director’s sister’s life-changing decision to dedicate her life to Christ. Tiha K. Gudac explores borders and ridiculous political decisions in The Wire.