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This year ENFF introduces a new initiative – the FILM IN CLASS education program for students. ENFF has started a promising collaboration with national and international schools and universities in The Netherlands in order to promote film culture, develop media literacy and foster cultural understanding among the young audience.

ENFF provides schools access to educationally relevant films in order to engage students in critical thinking, stimulate discussions on pressing issues through the medium of film and encourage young viewers to appreciate the diversity of European cinema. This way, students have a unique chance to discover European films in their classroom, broaden their perspectives and learn more about the world around them.

The films are carefully selected according to the topic so they can be incorporated within the curriculum. The program is supplemented with the film guides for teachers who want to use film in their classrooms – a methodological proposal with questions for discussion, additional activities, all key terms, background information and interesting facts about the film. Other activities will include attending film screenings and masterclasses. Students will have an opportunity to pose questions and exchange their thoughts and ideas with the film directors.

Are you interested in bringing film into your class?

Contact us via education@enff.nl

Masterclass in collaboration with Eye to Eye



More than one million migrants and refugees are fleeing violence in their home countries. The European refugee issue has become both a political and humanitarian problem. Therefore, the focus of this year’s educational program is the subject of refugees. ENFF has selected a multi-awarded documentary Flotel Europa by a young and promising Sarajevo-born director Vladimir Tomic.

This year’s program consists of a documentary that is screened to a group of students, a detailed film guide for teachers and a special tailored debate among the students, moderated by professor Nenad Fiser.


What does modern dating mean today? How can social media, technology and total information shape young people’s relationships? These are just some of the issues tackled in Panama, the first feature film by Serbian director Pavle Vuckovic which had its world premiere at Cannes.

As part of the educational program, a special screening of Panama is organised for students at Filmhuis Den Haag. The director Pavle Vuckovic will be there to give a masterclass after the film. Students will have an opportunity to discuss, ask questions and learn more about the film from the director himself.


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